About #BlogATAhon

After the successful completion of #BlogATAhoh series 1 on Selenium, Agile Testing Alliance is proud to present the next line up in #blogATAhon series. Series 2 will be on BDD

The main intent of #blogATAhon is to :

  • Help IT Professionals to start writing professional blogs
  • Mentor first time bloggers and help create a blogging mindset
  • Identify and reward the writing skills of IT Professionals
  • Ultimately promote knowledge sharing

#BlogATAhon Benefits

  • For every category all the top blogs will be published on the ATABlogs.
  • One Top blog from each category will win a cash prize of 5100/- (Five thousand One Hundred/-). In case the winning blog has two or more authors the prize money will have to be shared among the authors.
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  • All blog submissions authors will be showcased on the facewall of #BlogATAhon
  • All blog submissions will get a e-certificate of participation
  • All published blogs will be rewarded by a winning #blogATAhon certificate
  • All published blogs authors will be given their own author id’s on the ATABlogs
  • All authors get a chance to be our speakers for our Meetups
  • All authors get a chance to be our speakers for future ATA conferences, similar to our past events like #ATAGTR2017 #doppa17

General #BlogATAhon Time Lines

Maximum 2 months for a SERIES blogs to go live
  • 45 Days from the starting date for any series till the last date for blog submissions
  • 10 – 15 Days for the blogs to be selected and published on ATABlogs

#BlogATAhon Series 2 : BDD


  • 26th Dec, 2017: #BlogATAhon series 2 Kickoff
  • 15th Feb, 2018: Last Date of Submission
  • 25th Feb: 2018 Notification to all the authors for their submission, Selected authors will be given credentials for them to publish their blogs
  • 25th Feb: 2018 Blogs published on ATAblogs
  • 28th Feb: 2018 Declaration of Winner
  • (Jury will be communicating with the authors during the duration of the competition. The earlier you submit there is a better chance for you to get the submissions reviewed and resubmit revisions)

Blogs are invited for Series 2 : BDD

The blog should be technically related to BDD
  • BDD Concepts
  • Challenges in BDD
  • BDD Success stories
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  • BDD Best Practices
  • Experiences, Challenges, Best Practices, Case Studies in implementing BDD Tools like Cucumber, JBehave, Specflow
  • BDD in Swift for iOS Apps
  • User Stories to Executable specs
  • BDD and Feature Files as Living Documentation
  • BDD Integration with tools like Jira
  • BDD CoE (Center of Excellence)
  • BDD Practice
  • Collaboration Driven Development and BDD
  • Agile Games in BDD
  • BDD and Design Patterns
  • BDD in Nonfunctional areas e.g. Security and Performance

General Guidelines, Terms of Selection and Review

#BlogATAhon is here with the second series, which is BDD. More series would be unveiled as the time progress.

General Guidelines

  • An individual can submit one or more blogs
  • One blogs can have multiple authors across organizations
  • The Jury will be appointed by ATA to review submissions and the selection of final blogs

All submitted blogs will be reviewed on the basis of:

  • Originality and Newness of the content. (Never published elsewhere, else will be rejected)
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  • Usefulness to the Information Technology community.
  • Helpful in advancement of the chosen Series
  • Blog should be submitted as per the template provided
  • Main guidelines about the blogs are
    • a. Font: Arial
    • b. Font Size: 11
    • c. Font Color: Black with headings in Bold.
    • d. Include images where appropriate. (Attach the images in jpg/png format when sending with the article)

Agreement: As the author or authors of the blog you agree that

  • You have not published the same blog anywhere else.
  • You have not copied or plagiarized any content
  • You have given due credit to any other online or offline content which you have referred in your blog.
  • Images/screenshots used from the internet should have the appropriate references else will be disqualified for copyright violation.
  • ATA does not take away the rights of the contents – All the rights will belong to the author
  • Once the blog is published on ATABlogs, you can republish the content on any other website as long as you have a clear cross reference to the published ATABlog URL
  • You also give rights to Agile Testing Alliance to modify, update, rewrite, enhance, translate into different national and international languages and publish the content in any mode.
  • The decision of Jury will be final and abiding to you.

Submit your Blogs

For Registration and Submission please click on the below URL/button


  • Fill in your details on the booking page
  • Upload a zip file (have the blog file as per the Template below and all the images)
Submit your Blogs

Jury and Mentoring team

Following are the Jury and Mentoring team

Brijesh Deb
Shivram Mani
Ashish Mishra
Soumya Mukherjee
Aditya Garg
If you want any help in writing your blogs, the Jury would also help you as Mentors. Please feel free to connect with above on LinkedIN and request for help. If you are an expert in BDD and want to be part of the mentoring team do let us know. We would be glad to have more hands both as Jury members and/or as mentors

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